Annual memberships are available for $25, and memberships expire one year after payment is processed.

Membership is not required to participate, but we offer discounts on match fees for members. Check the matches page for more info on match fees and discounts.

To sign up for a new Cactus membership:

  1. Login or create a free Practiscore account here.

  2. Go to the Cactus club page in Practiscore here and click "Apply for Membership".

  3. Watch for an email within 24 hours and click the link to pay your membership fee.

To renew your Cactus membership:

  1. Login to your Practiscore account here. If you do not have a Practiscore account, please follow the steps for a new membership above.

  2. Go to “My Clubs” in your Dashboard or click here.

  3. You should now see your Cactus membership and the date it expires. The system will let you renew starting 30 days prior to expiration.

Thanks for your support!